While I like to focus on mugs and bowl, I also like to make other functional objects to keep things interesting.

Coffee Set

This matching pour over, pitcher, and mug are a great way to start your day. The pour over is designed to allow the coffee to drain at just the rate speed to create a robust flavor profile without being bitter. The pitcher holds 32oz of cofffe, which, I don't about you, is exactly how much I need to get going in the morning. And the mug is simply a pleasure to drink from.


I know, smoking is super bad. But back in my smoking days, I used to spend a good amount of time at one of my neighborhood watering holes. I loved their giant back patio, but hated their terrible glass candy tray ashtrays. So I made them some way cooler and more usable ones in exchange for some Rosé! The wine is long gone, but the ashtrays will hopefully stick around for a while.

All table ware is food safe