Bob Potter, a Potter

Hi, my name is Bob and I've been a Potter for 38 years... technically. But for real, I've been playing with mud and practicing pottery for several years now and love it. I mean, my name isn't Bob 'Civil Engineer,' it's Bob Potter. Clay is my blood! Well, (hopefully) not literally in my blood.

My Goal

My goal is to create pieces that people love to use and that spark joy and excitement or create an atmosphere of peace and calm. To achieve this goal I focus on making pottery wares that are both beautiful and functional using a variety of throwing and finishing techniques.

My Approach

I like to play with color, natural, fluid patterns, and functional shapes. I like to make things that people can use and I want those to be their favorite things to use. When I make a mug, I want someone to notice how it feels when they pick it up and I want it to be their favorite mug. Not just because it's beautiful, but because it feels good to use